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The company started operating in 2005 and in 2007 with the establishment of a company called Cinema in Iraq officially began its activities in this country, so that now has several branches and representative offices in Iraqi cities.
Cinema Diba Company became a member of the Ministry of Commerce of Iran and the Iran-Iraq Chamber of Commerce in 2010 and the center of Iran’s export-oriented clusters, and represents more than 30 large Iranian and foreign companies.
It should be noted that according to the statistics of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Commerce of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Sinamad Company supplies more than 75% of medical equipment exports to Iraq from 1986 to 1990.

Having a professional marketing team and distribution system of medical products throughout Iraq, as well as having tanks with advanced facilities to maintain laboratory medical materials in optimal conditions in the cities of Erbil, Sulaimaniyah, Duhok and Soran.

International Exhibitions

Participate in most international and local exhibitions held in different cities of Iraq during the year and benefit from permanent exhibitions in the company’s offices to introduce the product that the cinema is represented by.

International Capabilities and Achievements of Cinnamd Company

The launch of the AGC Genetics Laboratory in 2017 in the city of Erbil in the Iraqi Kurdistan region
Launching one of the most equipped and reputable genetics laboratories in Iraq called Farabi Pathobiology and Genetics Laboratory in 2014 in Erbil, relying on and employing Iranian experts and technical knowledge of Iranian professors.
Rose Clinic and Pharmacy opened in 2014 in the city of Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan
Launched in the field of medicine – sports in 2011 with the acquisition of a sales representative of American sports equipment
Arbo Laboratory was established in 2010 in the city of Erbil in the Iraqi Kurdistan region
US Office Launched in Miami in 2010 (Web)
Establishment of company offices in Tehran (2008) and the cities of Aribal (2006), Sulaimaniyah (2008), Duhok (2008) and Soran (2009) and active representative offices in other parts of Iraq
The following is the number of domestic and foreign companies and laboratories that Sinamad has a marketing and sales agency for Iraq:

Laboratory services / laboratories of the internal contracting party
Exporting technical knowledge to Iraq using specialized and young Iranian forces.

Light Lab
Genetics and Medicine Laboratory of Dr. Zeinali
Laboratory of Pathobiology and Genetics Dr. Karimi Nejad and Dr. Najmabadi
Gholhak Laboratory
Campus Pathobiology and Genetics Laboratory (Mashhad)
Dena Laboratory
Laboratory of Nations
Royan Research Institute
Royan Structures Technology Company
Taban Medical Research Institute
Niagen Noor Medical Center

Domestic partner companies
Sinamad Company is proud to cooperate with the top domestic companies in the field of medical and laboratory industries.

Pharmaceutical / Domestic Partner Companies
Sinamad Company is proud to cooperate with the top pharmaceutical companies in the country.
Elixir Pharmacy
Caspian Pharmacy
Dana Pharmacy
Kowsar Pharmacy
Obaidi Pharmacy
Meem Pharmacy Pharmacy
Tehran Pharmacy
Emad Pars Pharmacy Pars
Pharmacy Pharmacy Chemistry
Alborz Pharmacy
Galen Pharmacy
Health world laboratories
Sirvan Kimia Trade
Pasargad Jaber Health
Samen Serum Company of Mashhad
Razi Serum Company Karaj
Shahid Ghazi Serum Company Tabriz
Razi Shiraz Serum Manufacturing Company

Foreign partner companies
Safwan Company
Health Company
VTC Company

Laboratory services / laboratories of foreign contracting parties
Farabi Laboratory
Arbo Laboratory
Bio Laboratory
Floria Laboratory
King Lab
AGC Laboratory

Supplements / foreign partner companies
National Vitamin America (Long Nish-Nutrition Choice)
Robinson Pharma (Vitanx-Life Vitamin)

Pharmaceutical / foreign partner companies
Hexal Company
Novartis Company

Laboratory items / consumables
Fiber Company
Hamoon Teb Company
Azma Fan Teb Tadbir Company
Rubin Teb Gostar Company
Zino Coating Health Company
Nasr Alcohol Company
Ferdows Company
Participate in medicine
Kariz Mehr Company
Biochemistry Company
Kimia Gostar Company
Polymer bioassay company
Test day technology company
Vein Company
Virgin Company
My company
Biochemistry Company
Qasemzadeh Trading
Pars Pakhsh Tehran Faraz Company
Smart Technology Company
Bahar Afshan Company
Omidbakhshan Hayat Company (Sinaclon)
Farar Sanat Giti Company
Saman Tajhiz Azma Company
Sepehr Analysis Company

————————————————– –
Urine container (types)
Stool container
Gamma tube
Gamma tube door
Samples (types)
Plate (types)
Laboratory tubes (types)

Laboratory items / medical diagnostic kits
Datis Company Diagnosis Medicine
Kimia Gostar Pooyesh Company
Amin Sun Company
Rubin Teb Gostar Company
Pouya Gostar Sanya Company
Kimia Noavar Azma Company
Eram Teb Company
Persian Drug Company
Takapozit Company
Daneshpajooh Kar Company
Mehrazma Company
Texas Medical Company
Saba Teb Company
The company is a new bio-combination
Nobin Azma Company
Penta Company
Bahar Afshan Company
Neda Pooyesh Teb Co.
Nima Pooyesh Teb Co.
Fardavar Azma Ebranian Company
Arian Gene Positive Company (Pioneer)
Omidbakhshan Hayat Company (Sinaclon)
Dream Biotechnology Company
Chemical Medicine Company
Pars Azmoun Company
Ronak Teb Company
Pishtaz Teb Co.
Farar Sanat Giti Company
Kowsar Biotechnology Company

————————————————– ———–
Vitamin D.

Laboratory items / Genetic kits
Amrafer Company
Mahdia Teb Zist Co.
Pouya Gostar Gene Co.
Neda Fan Company
Bio Rain Company
Touba Negin Company
Arian Gene Gostar Company

Laboratory items / internal devices
Sepand System Company
Ara Tajhiz Co.
The company fired
Pars Azma Company
Saman Tajhiz Azma Company
Sepehr Analysis Company

————————————————– ——-
Battery (UPS)

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Cinema – beyond the ordinary experience

Sina Mod Diba Pathobiology and Genetics Laboratory has started its activities since October 2007 with the aim of providing superior services and applying the latest knowledge in the field of medicine and laboratory.

The officials and managers of this laboratory have always tried to satisfy the esteemed clients by applying their experiences and successes in the laboratories inside and outside the country on the one hand, as well as creating a different, relaxing and memorable atmosphere on the other hand. .

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