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Latest news of making Covid vaccine 19

The Biotechnology Development Headquarters of the Vice President for Science and Technology is trying to play an effective role in ending the difficult days of the corona outbreak in the country. For this reason, it supports the holding of an online training course on the development of Covid vaccine 19.

A technological and online event that covers the subject of vaccine development from the stage of “research and development to market entry and regulatory requirements”. This event will be held on November 14 of this year by the Food and Drug Administration with the cooperation and support of the Biotechnology Development Headquarters of the Vice President for Science and Technology.

All knowledge-based companies and soft and creative industries, drug companies, university-based research centers and other related groups can participate in this event.

The development of the Covid vaccine 19 has become one of the biggest concerns of governments these days, and countries that have a say in this field have competed with each other in a large and complex competition. A competition that is a trump card for governments to prove their scientific capabilities to the world.

In Iran, despite all the problems and sanctions, there are companies that have focused on making this vaccine. An effort that has not yet been documented, but there are high hopes for its success. This technological event is also a joint collaboration to facilitate the development of the Covid 19 vaccine.

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